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Regulations and laws pertaining to Gibraltar’s roads and road users can be found here, as well as information regarding driver and various vehicle licences. The Technical Services Department provides assistance and technical support to the Government and its various Departments. It is divided into the following sections: engineering & design, mechanical, highways, infrastructure and geographical information systems. Here, you will also find a link to Gibraltar Port Authority website containing detailed information about the operations and responsibilities of the Port.
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Driver & Vehicle Licensing Department
08.30 to 15.00 Monday to Friday

The Hon. Paul Balban - Minister for Traffic, Housing and Technical Services

Other Details

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department is a division of the Ministry for Transport, Traffic and Technical Services. It operates with a complement of twenty-eight; 11 technical staff, 11 administrative staff and 5 transport inspectors, headed by the Chief Examiner who is accountable to the Minister for Transport, Traffic and Technical Services. The Traffic Act, the Transport Act and their ancillary regulations provide the main legislation and framework under which the department operates. Under the provisions of the Traffic Act, the department delivers the following services to the general public:

- the examination and licensing of drivers
- the registration and licensing of vehicles
- the testing of motor vehicles
- the provision of secretarial support to the Traffic Commission
- the Motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training

Under the provisions of the Transport Act, the department’s main responsibilities are summarised below:
- the licensing of public service vehicles and drivers
- the licensing of operators that are authorised by the act
- the processing of applications for licences under the provisions of the act
- the provision of secretarial support to the Transport Commission.

The department aims to deliver the best possible service to customers by maintaining accurate driver and vehicle registers, continually creating and innovating processes designed to increase effectiveness and efficiency, whilst focusing on stakeholder’s needs. The department is a member of E.Reg; the Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities and EUCARIS; the European Car and Driving Licence Information System.

Vehicle registration
All motor vehicles imported into Gibraltar must be registered. An application for registration is made either when a brand new vehicle is sold by a dealership in Gibraltar or is privately imported into Gibraltar by an individual. In the latter case this must be done as soon as possible. As part of the registration process, the licensing authority must be sure that an imported used vehicle meets the required legal standards. They are:
- Traffic (Licensing and Registration) Regulation
- Vehicles (Construction, Equipment and Maintenance) Regulations

Once the vehicle is registered, it is issued with a Gibraltar Certificate of Registration, which complies with the provisions of EU legislation on vehicle registration documents.In the event the Certificate of Registration is lost or destroyed, a duplicate copy can be obtained for a fee of £15. A lost/stolen property report is required from the Royal Gibraltar Police supporting the application.

Roadworthiness Testing
All private motor vehicles over four years old are required to undertake a biennial roadworthiness test. Goods, Self Drive and Public Service Vehicles (PSV) must take a roadworthiness test annually. PSVs over 12 years old require a roadworthiness test every 6 months.


This department reports to the Minister for Traffic, Housing and Technical Services, the Hon. Paul Balban and is headed by the Chief Executive, Technical Services. The department provides technical support to the government and other departments in a number of areas, acting as an in-house consultants and project managers.

Engineering & Design
This section brings together several disciplines including civil engineers, architects and quantity surveyors to deliver for government the following: The preparation of designs, specifications, contract documents, bills of quantities and details for government capital works, including coastal defence works, rock-fall protection measures, sewerage works, highways and retaining walls. The preparation and organisation of works programmes and the project management of contracts. Advising the Building Control Section on building applications with regard to civil engineering, highways and architectural matters. The section also includes the department’s drawing office and the clerks of works, both of which provide direct support to all disciplines in developing designs and their subsequent delivery on site respectively.

The Garage & Workshop Section currently part of GMES Ltd for administrative purposes is responsible for the maintenance of the government's fleet of vehicles,undertaking all the upkeep and maintenance of such vehicles, including the purchasing of spares, mechanical and auto-electrical work. The section is also responsible for administering fuel to all government vehicles.

The Highways Section is directly responsible for the maintenance and development of the public highway, including signage, road markings, street furniture & traffic management. This section also co-ordinates all roadworks undertaken on the public highway by utility service providers, contractors and developers paying particular attention to health & safety and traffic implications.

Infrastructure & Sewers
This section is responsible for the maintenance of all public sewerage drainage systems (stormwater and sewers). It also undertakes a co-ordinating role on new projects with other utility services providers.

Geographical Information System (GIS)
With the development of digital geographical information as an integral platform for data management it has become vital to ensure that an accurate digital map of Gibraltar is available. The department has responsibility for maintaining the base map, which is the foundation of any GIS, up to date. The digital map and aerial photograph can be accessed by the public at

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