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St John Ambulance

47 North Mole Road

Full Contact Details

47 North Mole Road

Tel: 20077390

If Busy Call: 20050026

The Greatest Wealth is Health...


Gibraltar Health Authority is a department of the Government of Gibraltar and its purpose is to provide health care to the residents of Gibraltar, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom and home to over 27,000 residents. Situated in Southern Europe on the shores of the Mediterranean sea and famous for its history, culture, shopping and its cosmopolitan ambiance. Gibraltar enjoys similar health, and standards of health care provision, to most Western European countries.

We are the community hospital where you go to repair a broken leg; the referral hospital where specialists save the life of your newborn; the residential care facility where your elderly loved one receive 24-hour care; the public health unit where your new baby is weighed and immunized; the mental health office where you can get support if a family member is suffering from depression or substance abuse; the home health workers who visit your disabled neighbor; and the environmental health officers who monitor everything from your favorite local restaurant to your drinking water.
0800 - 1800 Monday to Friday
Please note that different services operate to different hours.

0900 - 1100 & 1700 - 1800 Saturdays
1000 - 1100 & 1700 - 1800 Sundays & Public Holidays

0800 - 1300 & 1700 - 1800 Monday to Friday


General Clinic
09.00 to 12.40 & 14.00 to 16.40 Monday - Friday

Emergency Clinic
0900 to 1100 Monday to Friday ICC Centre
0900 Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
1130 Monday to Friday St Bernard’s Hospital (Please report to the Records office first for registration).

Full Contact Details

Gibraltar Health Authority
St Bernard's Hospital
Harbour Views Road


Tel: 20079700


Minister for Health: 20007011

Chief Executive: 20007015

Director of Information Management & Technology: 20007340

Medical Director: 20007247

Director of Finance: 20007065

Director of Human Resources: 20007076

Director of Nursing: 20007311

Director of Estates & Clinical Engineering: 20007327

Director of Public Health: 20007018

Accounts: 20007885

Harbour Views Road

Unit General Manager: 20007383

Facilities: 20007367

Finance Department Line 1: 20007057

Finance Department Line 2: 20007058

Accounts: 20007048

Complaints Coordinator: 20007022

Health Promotion Officer: 20007020

Infection Control Officer: 20007315

Medical Registration Board: 20071685


Medical Secretaries Line 1: 20007238

Medical Secretaries Line 2: 20007245

Surgical Secretaries Line 1: 20007254

Surgical Secretaries Line 2: 20007256

Human Resources

HR Policy: 20007078

Recruitment: 20007082

All Departments

Accident & Emergency: 20007121

Breast Clinic: 20007248

Blood Department: 20007251

Screening Department: 20007025

Dietician: 20007198

Laboratory Line 1: 20007177

Laboratory Line 2: 20007170

Mortuary: 20007390

Night Sister: 20007316

Pain Clinic Line 1: 20007280

Pain Clinic Line 2: 20007223

Palliative Care: 20007253

Pharmacy: 20007106

Procurement: 20007373

Radiology (X-Ray): 20007286

Public Health: 20007018

Records Department: 20007032

School of Health Studies: 20007089

Sponsored Patients: 20076423

Supplies: 20007371


Dental Clinic / Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic: 20007272

Gynaecology / Surgical: 20007273

Ortho / Trauma: 20007274

Ambulance Service

General Enquiries: 20079700

Patient Transport: 20007399

Fax: 20007397

Rehabilitation Departments

Cardiac Rehabilitation: 20007203

Dietetics: 20007198

Occupational Therapy: 20007191

Physiotherapy: 20007184

Speech Therapy: 20007200


Captain Murchison Ortho Trauma Ward: 20048124

Dudley Toomey Surgical Ward: 20048153

James Giraldi Critical Care Unit: 20007149

John Mackintosh Male Medical Ward: 20048132

Millicent Mackintosh Maternity Ward: 20051297

Rainbow Paediatric Ward: 20048152

Victoria Mackintosh Female Medical Ward: 20048133

2nd Floor ICC Building 2A Main Street

Unit General Manager: 20007885

General Enquiries/Help Desk Line 1: 20072355

General Enquiries/Help Desk Line 2: 20079700


Advance Appointments: 20052441

Voicemail for pre-booked appointments: 20078857

Cancellation of appointments: 20043331

House Calls: 20077003


Medical Secretaries Line 1: 20007827

Medical Secretaries Line 2: 20007817

Records Enquiries: 20007801

Registration of GPMS Line 1: 20007833

Registration of GPMS Line 2: 20007890


Audiology: 20007842

Cardiac Rehabilitation Helpline: 20046448

Community Occupational Therapist: 20007837

Community Physiotherapist: 20007836

Dental Service: 20007809

Dermatology Service: 20007867

District Nurse: 20074577

Health Visitor/Child Health: 20007844

Immunisation: 20007847

Mental Welfare Officers: 20071386

Prescription Advisory Unit: 20007832

School Health Service Line 1: 20007829

School Health Service Line 2: 20007817

Speech Therapy: 20007838

Fax - All Departments: 20043948

KGV Hospital South Barrack Road

Unit General Manager: 20078807

Clinical Manager: 20078807

Office: 20078807

Acute Ward: 20048169

Long Stay Ward: 20048160

Community Mental Health Team
Coaling Island

General Enquiries: 20041659

If Busy Call: 20042307

Fax: 20041658

Income Tax
Government of Gibraltar


The assessment and collection of income tax is currently governed by the Income Tax Act 2010, Rules and Regulations. That Act was enacted in 2010 and came into effect on 1 January 2011.

Tax is charged on income accruing in or derived from Gibraltar on the profits or gains of a company or trust from any trade, business, profession or vocation.

Tax is charged on the income accruing in, derived from or received in Gibraltar (or in any other place) by an individual ordinarily resident in Gibraltar from employment or the exercise of any self employment activities in connection with a trade, business, profession or vocation. Dividends, pensions and emoluments of office accruing in, derived from or received in any place other than Gibraltar by an ordinarily resident individual are also taxable in Gibraltar. Generally, when taxed in the country of accrual and not received in Gibraltar such income is not taxable in Gibraltar.

Tax is charged on income of all individuals and companies in respect of any rents, premiums and any other interest in real property located in Gibraltar.

Computation of Taxable Income

Income tax is charged for the year of assessment - running from the 1 July in one calendar year to 30 June in the next - on the basis of income for that year.

Standard Rate of Tax

The standard rate of tax for individuals and trusts is 30%.

Deductions for Personal Relief

The allowances and deductions are:

Personal Allowance £3,000 pa
Child Allowance £997 pa
Spouse Allowance £3,000 pa
Child educated abroad £1,105 pa
Dependent Relative Allowance £190 pa max
Disabled Individuals Allowance £3,000 pa
Home Purchase Allowance £11,500
Single Parent Allowance £3,000 pa
Home Purchase Allowance (Special Ded) £1,000 max pa £4,000
Nursery School Allowance £3,000 pa
Medical Insurance £2,000 pa max
Life Assurance, etc.

For more information and to download Guidance Notes and Forms please visit
Monday to Friday 08.30 to 15.00
Full Contact Details

St Jago's Stone Block 331 Main Street


Tel: 20074915

Fax: 20042398

Commissioner of Income Tax: 20075260

Senior Assessors: 20075260

Crown Counsels: 20075260

Compliance & Investigation Officer (Accountant): 20075260

Pensions Section: 20051570

Accounts Section: 20074923

Fax : 20051621

Compliance Section: 20044161

Fax: 20042398

Corporate Section: 20074889

Fax: 20042398

PAYE Section: 20074924

Fax : 20040020

Self-Employed Section: 20074874

Fax : 20051621

Social Insurance Contributions Section: 20052737

Fax: 20048474

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