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General Enquiries

Gibtelecom is the leading telecommunications provider to Gibraltar’s home and business users. The Company is both aware of the needs of its customers and equally of the opportunities which arise as a result of Gibraltar’s significant international financial services, maritime and e-gaming industries.

Gibtelecom provides customers with products and services matching those offered by leading telecommunications companies throughout the world. The Company’s experienced and dedicated staff guarantee that customers receive a professional and customised service. Gibtelecom was the first Gibraltar business to receive the “Recognised for Excellence” accreditation from the European Foundation for Quality Management, and is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company.

Gibtelecom is structured around three brands: GibWireline, Gibtel and GibConnect.

GibWireline encompasses the fixed line telephony services for the Rock’s inhabitants. With almost 90 fixed lines per 100 population, services compare favourably with other countries and territories.

Gibtel provides both Contract and Pay-As-You-Go (Reload) mobile phone and data services, with a per capita penetration of over 100%. The Company’s GSM, 2G and 3G networks offer full coverage of the Rock, and roaming agreements are in place with some 450 operators in over 140 countries.

GibConnect offers a variety of internet solutions, from individual lines and wi-fi access to business corporate links. Nearly 70% of households in Gibraltar have an ADSL connection. Gibtelecom also offers dedicated premium internet protocol (IP) bandwidth to businesses on demand, and can host their computer servers at one of the Company’s data centres.

The Company was established, after the merger between Gibraltar Nynex Communications Ltd (a Verizon communications business) and Gibraltar Telecommunications International Ltd (a British Telecom business), and has greatly contributed to the expansion and advancement of communications in Gibraltar. In April 2007, Telekom Slovenije purchased Verizon’s 50 per cent shareholding in the Company, whilst the other half continues to be owned by the Government of Gibraltar. Telekom Slovenije is quoted on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange in Slovenia, an EU member state in the Euro Zone. The Telekom Slovenije Group and its subsidiary companies provide fixed line, mobile and internet services throughout Slovenia and in other countries mainly in South Eastern Europe.
Customer Service Centre

09.00 - 18.00 Monday - Friday
10.00 - 13.00 Saturday

Tim Bristow - Chief Executive Officer

Full Contact Details

15-21 John Mackintosh Square

General Enquiries

Tel: 20052200

15-21 John Mackintosh Square

Fax: 20044444

Fax : 20071673


General Enquiries: 20052200

Fault Reports & Service Difficulties

Fixed : 193

Mobile: 194

Internet: 192

Directory Enquiries

Local Directory Enquiries: 11811

International Directory Enquiries: 11888

Recorded Announcements

Speaking Clock: 150


Residential Listings: 20052200

Residential Listings Fax: 20044444

Business Listings & Classified Advertising: 20041414

Aquagib Ltd
AquaGib, committed to your life source...

Head Office

AquaGib Vision and Mission Statement

At AquaGib our team is constantly striving to realise our vision of being recognised as Gibraltar’s leading utility through the provision of efficient and sustainable water services.

In order to succeed in achieving this vision, we will:

1. Ensure a customer focus which exceeds our customers’ expectations with our level of service.

2. Provide a mutually balanced employer – employee relationship.

3. Develop our staff so that they are able to achieve their maximum potential and meet the future needs of the business.

4. Be involved in the wider community, to the benefit of everyone within AquaGib and Gibraltar.

5. Be compliant with all relevant legislation, regulations and standards.

6. Remain conscious of our responsibilities towards the environment throughout all our business activities.

7. Use modern and effective water systems and be at the forefront of technology.

8. Build for the future to ensure that AquaGib is a great business that has longevity.

9. Ensure a reasonable rate of return on investment for our shareholders.
Monday - Thursday: 08:30 - 15:00

Friday: 08:30 - 14:30
Managing Director: Derek Cano
Water Production Director: David Santos
Water Networks Director: William McLaren
Finance and Business Support Director: Paul Singleton
Senior Manager Water Production: Chris Gomez
Senior Manager Water Networks: Francis Silva
Senior Manager Customer Service: Kadrian Bugeja
Full Contact Details

10B Leanse Place 50 Town Range

Head Office

Tel: 20040880

Fax: 20040881

Customer Service Office

General Enquiries: 20041288

Fax: 20040465

Distribution Section

Ragged Staff (24 Hour Fault Reports): 20073659

Fax: 20040810


Control/Supply to Shipping: 20077017

Fax: 20050731

Electricity Authority (Gibraltar)
Supplying the community for over a hundred years

Internal Electrical & Fire Alarms
(Out of Hours) Service

The Gibraltar Electricity Authority is responsible for the generation, distribution and supply of electricity to the civilian population of Gibraltar. The Authority is headed by the Chief Executive Officer and consists of Generation, Transmission and Distribution Network, Electrotechnical, Consumer, Electrical Building Services, Technomedical and Finance and Administration Divisions.

Visit our website for News and recent Press Releases, Vacancies and Interruption of Supply Notices, and download application forms and other useful information on our Downloads page.

Counter Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 9.00 - 12.00pm

Full Contact Details

Gibelec House North Mole Road

Internal Electrical & Fire Alarms (Out of Hours) Service

Tel: 20042837


24hr Service: 20075957

Mobile: 58465000

If not available call : 58466000


Consumer Enquiries: 20074191

Street Lighting Reports/Enquiries: 20048942

Customer Services Division

Main Office: 20074191

Arrears Office: 20049235

Customer Services Engineer: 20048933

Customer Services Officer: 20049265

Installation Inspector Officers: 20048930

Meter Testing Station: 20048932

Installations/Rising Mains Officer: 20048936

Distribution Network Division

Distribution Engineer: 20048941

Distribution Officers: 20076257

If Busy Call: 20072149

Depot Writer & Stores: 20048942

45 North Mole Road

Building Services Engineer: 20051194

Building Services Officers: 20059976

If Busy Call: 20051198

Depot Writer & Stores: 20051206

Fax: 20050876

North Mole Road

Secretary: 20048901

Chief Executive: 20048900

Deputy Chief Executive: 20048900

Senior Generation Engineer: 20048900

Senior Electrotechnical Engineer: 20048900

Senior Network Engineer: 20048900

Mechanical Engineer: 20048903

Electrotechnical Engineer: 20048919

IT & Planning Engineer: 20048905

Design Office: 20048918

Fax: 20077408

Financial & Administration Division

General Office: 20048908

If Busy Call: 20049168

Financial & Administration Director: 20048900

Financial & Administration Manager: 20048921

Asst Financial & Administration Manager: 20048906

Fax: 20077408

North Mole

Security Guards: 20048920

Sapphire Networks

Suite 303 Eurotowers Block 3 Europort Road
PO Box 797

Full Contact Details

Suite 303 Eurotowers Block 3 Europort Road PO Box 797

Tel: 20047200

Fax : 20047272


See Electricity Authority

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