BFA Group

Qualified local property professionals since 1986


The BFA Group has a staff complement of 28 personnel in the professional technical and administrative disciplines.
The Group is structured into 3 Sections:

BFA Valuers
BFA Estate Agents
BFA Management.

Whilst all three have their own specific needs, we benefit from the interactive resources required to function professionally and effectively, and although we are arguably the largest professional property consultancy group on the Rock, we are always extremely careful to avoid potential conflicts of interest between the three. We believe we have succeeded and consider that we have achieved standards of excellence in all three disciplines.

We owe our success to the commitment of our staff who share our corporate culture of always putting our clients’ needs before our own.

Our residential portfolio will offer you a complete cross section of the available market.

As a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) we are bound by the highest principles and Code of Professional Conduct.

Our marketing team has been at the forefront of the property market in Gibraltar since 1986. Our involvement in the first and very successful Home Ownership Scheme provided us with invaluable experience in accommodating the needs of the local property market.

Full Contact Details

BFA Estate Agents - Chartered Surveyors

17B The Balcony Casemates Square

Tel: 20071131

If Busy Call: 20071625

Fax : 20070556

Email :

BFA Management (Residential & Commercial)

Suite 4 1st Floor Hadfield House 7 Library Street PO Box 860: 20042326

Fax : 20070556


BFA Valuers - Chartered Surveyors

Suite 4 1st Floor Hadfield House 7 Library Street PO Box 860: 20060344




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