Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar

About Us

Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar is a local charity and pressure group which raises awareness about breast cancer and offers support, information and practical advice to those affected by it. It is committed to campaign for the improvement of breast care services in Gibraltar and hopes to improve the experience of those affected by breast cancer; to this end we also support health professionals and the GHA.
Breast cancer need not be a tragedy; early detection will almost certainly mean survival; information will empower and help you make the right choices; most importantly, there can be life after breast cancer. In all of this, Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar hopes to make a difference and make the experience of women more bearable.

The overall vision of Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar is that all people affected by breast cancer will receive the highest standards of treatment, support and care available. There are various things the charity fundraises for in order to offer services in Gibraltar. There are the obligatory running costs of the charity, printing and helpline; the continuous buying of publications and posters in order to raise awareness and the funds needed for advertising campaigns. We help women pay for professional counselling, prostheses, wigs, headscarves and support bras, and offer any other financial help if necessary and applicable.

We also buy specialist breast cancer care equipment for the hospital in order to enhance the Breast Screening Programme and One-Stop Breast Clinic and send health professionals on breast-related courses as part of their ongoing professional development. We always refer to Breast Cancer Care in the UK for expert advice. They have been a breast cancer charity for nearly 40 years and provide us with all their specialist information leaflets which are distributed around Gibraltar.
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