Driver & Vehicle Licensing Department
Government of Gibraltar
MOT Test Centre
Vehicle Registration

Permits: 20051520

E.O. Licensing: 20050286

Transport Commission: 20050379

About Us

The Traffic Act, the Transport Act and their ancillary regulations provide the main legislation and framework under which the department operates. Under the provisions of the Traffic Act, the department delivers the following services to the general public:
- the examination and licensing of drivers
- the registration and licensing of vehicles
- the testing of motor vehicles
- the provision of secretarial support to the Traffic Commission
- the Motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training

Under the provisions of the Transport Act, the department’s main responsibilities are summarised below:
- the licensing of public service vehicles and drivers
- the licensing of operators that are authorised by the act
- the processing of applications for licences under the provisions of the act
- the provision of secretarial support to the Transport Commission.

The department aims to deliver the best possible service to customers by maintaining accurate driver and vehicle registers, continually creating and innovating processes designed to increase effectiveness and efficiency, whilst focusing on stakeholder’s needs.

The department is a member of E.Reg; the Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities and EUCARIS; the European Car and Driving Licence Information System.
Opening Hours
The administrative offices’ hours of business are:
08.30 to 15.00 Monday to Friday

An alternative to queuing at our offices is to print out the appropriate form, complete it, and send it together with the corresponding fee to: Driver & Vehicle Licensing Department, HM Government of Gibraltar, Eastern Beach Road. Cheques must be made out to "Government General Account". It is not recommended to send cash in the post. If you have any doubts as to the fees required or any other enquiry please contact us.

Minister for Transport, Traffic and Technical Services The Hon Vijay Daryanani

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department is a division of the Ministry for Transport, Traffic and Technical Services, and is headed by the Chief Examiner who is accountable to the Minister for Transport, Traffic and Technical Services.

It operates with a complement of twenty-eight staff:
• 11 Technical staff
• 11 Administrative staff
• 5 Transport Inspectors

Other Details

Roadworthiness testing - All private motor vehicles over four years old are required to undertake a biennial roadworthiness test. Goods, Self Drive and Public Service Vehicles (PSV) must take a roadworthiness test annually. PSVs over 12 years old require a roadworthiness test every 6 months. Please allow plenty of time if applying for an appointment by post.
• Cat A Test (Motorcycle) £41.00
• CAT B Test (Car) £41.00
• CAT B+E (Car with Trailer) £61.50
• Cat F to J (Crane, forklift, Road rollers) £61.50
• PSV 8+1 seat (Taxi category) £61.50
• Theory Test A (Motorcycle) £15.15
• Theory Test B (Car) £15.50
• Transfer of Ownership £20.50
• Duplicate Certificate of Registration £20.50
• Duplicate Roadworthiness Certificate £20.50
• Issue/Duplicate Driving License/EU Exchange £36.00
• Renewal Driving license £15.50
• New registration Moped £20.50
• New registration Moped log book £20.50
• New registration Car/Motorcycle over 50cc £31.00
• New registration Car logbook £20.50
• Monthly statistics for Garages £36.00
• Issue of Public Service License/Renewal PSV £26.00
• Amendment to Road Service Line £61.50
• Authorisation Certificates £26.00
• Self-drive Yearly fee £25.00
• Sale of Waybills £26.00
• MOT Private vehicles, Taxis, Self Drive £31.00
• MOT Goods and Lorries over 125kg £56.50
• MOT Motorcycles/Mopeds £20.50
• MOT Omnibus £61.50
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