Education Department


The Department of Education & Training, under the control of the Director of Education and Training, is responsible for the management of education and training. The Director, subject to the directions of the Minister, has a duty to promote the education of the people of Gibraltar generally, to control and direct educational policy, to administer and inspect all schools and to ensure the due administration of the provisions of the relevant legislation.


The Senior Staff of the Department consists of:

Director of Education & Training - Vacant Post
Senior Education Adviser - Dr. J Britto B Ed Dip Ed ADAES M Ed Ed D
Educational Psychologist - Mr Paul McNally BA (Hons) MSc AEP MBPsS HPC
Education Advisers - Mrs S Payas B Ed
Mr D Grech BSc MSc PGCE
Mr L Gomez B Ed (Hons) ADCUM
Government Training Officer - Mrs J Garcia (currently acting in post)
Administrative Officer (SEO) - Mrs G Catania
Assistant Education Adviser -
Mr S Sullivan BSc PGCE

Full Contact Details

23 Queensway

Minister for Education

Tel: 20077486

Director of Education: 20078638

Fax : 20071564


Higher Executive Officer: 20044205

EO (Accounts, Wages & Salaries): 20045975

Salaries Line 1: 20075987

Salaries Line 2: 20045176

Wages: 20045976

Accounts: 20045177

Cashier: 20078254

EO (Scholarships & Stores): 20045979

Scholarships Line 1: 20077072

Scholarships Line 2: 20045977

Stores: 20045977

EO (Training, Works & Enrolments): 20078201

Training, Works & Enrolments: 20042514

Main Office Fax : 20040394

Education Advisors Line 1: 20077486

Education Advisors Line 2: 20078638

Educational Psychologist Line 1: 20075373

Educational Psychologist Line 2: 20076730

Registry: 20044208

Gibraltar College

South Bastion Line Wall Road: 20071048

Fax : 20077207

Bleak House Training Institute

Reception: 20044445

Administrator: 20045181

Fax : 20043083


For more details see individual entries in the Alphabetical Listings section
Secondary Schools

Bayside Secondary School: 20074500

Westside Secondary School: 20074300

Middle Schools

Bishop Fitzgerald Middle School: 20077162

St Bernard's Middle School: 20073863

St Anne's Middle School: 20077161

St Joseph's Middle School: 20075615

First Schools

Governor's Meadow First School: 20075772

Notre Dame First School: 20075182

St Bernard's First School: 20078888

St Joseph's First School: 20078515

St Mary's First School: 20075946

St Paul's First School: 20071696

Hebrew Primary School: 20065906

Nursery Schools

St Bernard's Nursery: 20075978

Varyl Begg Nursery: 20071567

Special Schools

St Martin's Special School : 20078704

If Busy Call: 20045360

Early Birds Nursery: 20047032

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