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Special education
Gibraltar College
Higher education

Director of Education: 20078638

Fax : 20071564

Higher Executive Officer (Accounts, Wages, Salaries & Human Resources): 20044205

EO (Human Resources): 20076693

Human Resources: 20045976

EO (Accounts, Wages & Salaries): 20045975

Wages: 20075987

Salaries: 20045176

Accounts: 20045177

Cashier: 20078254

Higher Executive Officer (Training, Works, Enrolments & Scholarships): 20077072

EO (Scholarships): 20045979

Scholarships Line 1: 20045977

Scholarships Line 2: 20045980

EO (Training, Works & Enrolments): 20078201

Training, Works & Enrolments: 20042514

Education Advisors Line 1: 20077486

Educational Psychologist Line 1: 20075373

Educational Psychologist Line 2: 20076730

Registry: 20044208

Gibraltar College

South Bastion Line Wall Road: 20071048

Fax : 20077207

Bleak House Training Institute

Reception: 20044445

Administrator: 20045181

Fax : 20043083

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Secondary Schools

Bayside Secondary School: 20074500

Westside Secondary School: 20074300

Upper Primary Schools

Bishop Fitzgerald Upper Primary School: 20077162

St Bernard's Upper Primary School: 20073863

St Anne's Upper Primary School: 20077161

St Joseph's Upper Primary School: 20075615

Lower Primary Schools

Governor's Meadow Lower Primary School: 20075772

Notre Dame Lower Primary School: 20075182

St Bernard's Lower Primary School: 20078888

St Joseph's Lower Primary School: 20078515

St Mary's Lower Primary School: 20075946

St Paul's Lower Primary School: 20071696

Hebrew Primary School: 20065906

St Martin's School : 20078704

If Busy Call: 20045360

Early Birds Nursery: 54081565

About Us

The Department of Education is under the control of the Director of Education, who has a duty to promote education in Gibraltar generally, to control and direct educational policy, to administer and inspect all schools and to ensure the due administration of the provisions of the relevant legislation.

The School System
There are 14 schools and one college of further education in Gibraltar. All teacher training takes place in UK universities and colleges, and teachers must have a registration number issued by the Department for Education (UK).

Pre-school education
The Gibraltar government provides a number of nursery places for pre-school children, the current provision for these children is catered for by Varyl Begg Nursery, St Paul’s Nursery, St Mary’s Nursery, Governor’s Meadow Nursery, St Bernard’s Nursery, Notre Dame Nursery and St Joseph’s Nursery. There is also a nursery attached to St Martin’s Special School. In addition, there are privately run playgroups and nurseries, 10 of them currently registered with the Department of Education which inspects them jointly with the Environmental Agency and City Fire Brigade to ensure minimum standards of accommodation, numbers on roll and staffing levels.

Primary education
Primary education is free, full-time and compulsory for Gibraltar. Schools are all co-educational and English is the language of instruction. Spanish is introduced formally as a subject in middle school (year 4) but may be employed earlier as a teaching aid in special circumstances. All curricula are based on the national curriculum for England, but with specific differences in respect of Spanish and other subjects (including Religious Education) reflecting local realities.

Formal education in first schools begins at the commencement of the autumn term each year, so organised that all children who will turn 5 during the academic year are enrolled at the start of the academic year. To ease the transition into schooling, morning sessions only are attended for a period of time. Both morning and afternoon sessions follow, later on in the year. Schools are free to determine when and how often children start attending afternoon sessions.

Secondary education
Secondary education is free, full-time and compulsory for Gibraltar residents between the ages 12+ and 15+ years. The secondary curriculum is defined by national curriculum legislation. In the first two years (8 and 9), secondary schools offer a broad compulsory curriculum that includes English, Mathematics, Science, French or European studies, Spanish, History, Geography, Art, Music, Religious Education, Physical Education, Design and Technology and Information and Communications Technology. In years 10 and 11, pupils opt for subjects from a range of disciplines, keeping to national curriculum requirements. In addition, all pupils take the core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science), Religious Education and Physical Education. Vocational education is also available.

Special education
St Martin’s School caters for a wide range of special needs for children between the ages of 5+ and 16+. Notre Dame School and Bishop Fitzgerald schools are Learning Support Facilities (LSFs), which cater for children of first school age, for whom St Martin’s would be inappropriate but whose special needs cannot be met satisfactorily in the mainstream classroom. There is also an LSF at each secondary school in addition to an Alternative Learning Centre at Bayside School, which aims to provide support for disaffected pupils.

Gibraltar College
Full-time education in Gibraltar is primarily focused on intermediate and advanced courses in information technology, business and finance studies, and built environment studies. An area of rapid growth is that of courses leading to professional qualifications. The college provides tuition support for bodies such as ACCA, ILEX, ICSA, AAT and the Institute of Bankers. A large number of qualifications are offered, ranging from GCSE to AS/A levels, to full-time students, as well as part-time courses in the evenings.

Higher education
Degree and higher national diploma courses are followed at United Kingdom universities, in the main. Gibraltar government scholarships are available to eligible students.

Ministerial responsibility for the Department of Education is held by the The Hon Dr John Cortes - Details of the schools and Gibraltar College are as follows:
Gibraltar College - Mr L Abecasis BA PGCE MA 20071048
Westside School - Dr G A Garcia B Ed M Ed PhD 20074300
Bishop Fitzgerald Middle School - Mr P Lyon ADAES M Ed 20077162
St Anne's Middle School - Mr P Duarte ADAES B Ed 20077161
St Joseph's Middle School - Dr T Ocaña BA (Hons) QTS PhD 20075615
St Joseph's First School - Mrs J Massetti B Ed (Hons) ADCUM ADES 20078515
St Martin's Special School - Ms A Felipes B Ed 20078704
Bayside School - Mr C Skinner MA (OXON) MSc 20074525
Sacred Heart Middle School - Mr K Saez B Ed (Hons) ADCUM 20073863
Hebrew Primary School - Mrs N Garson B Ed 20078425
Governor's Meadow First School - Mrs F Ferro B Ed ADAES MSc 20075772
Notre Dame First School - Mrs J Mason B Sc (Hons) PGCE MA 20075182
St Bernard's First School - Mrs D Chiappe B Ed (Hons) PG Dip 20078888
St Mary's First School - Mrs N McLaren B Ed 20075946
St Paul's First School - Mr A Mason B Sc (Hons) PGCE MA 20071696

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