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Gache Opticians is a family run business established in 1830

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About Us

Gache Opticians is one of Gibraltar's oldest businesses. It started as an opticians, watch and clock-makers. Over the years the watch and clock-making trade was lost, but the opticians side of the business stayed and grew.

The Gache family came from Puerto Mahon in Menorca, a French Colony before it was taken over by the British. Just like so many immigrants in the early nineteenth centuary, the Gache family was looking for a new life under the protection of the British Garrison in Gibraltar.

Having been established in 1830 by Vincente Gache, the business didn't start to get going properly until Vincente's son Joseph Gache came along. Born in 1837 Joseph eventually became a talented optician and clock-maker, learning his trade in Barcelona. In 1861 Joseph married and had three children, two boys and one girl. Alfred, Albert E and Leopoldina. In 1887 his two sons opened their own branch on the Main Street. When Alfred died his only surviving son, Joseph took his place as partner with his uncle Albert E., but unfotunately the partership broke up in 1918. In 1919 Albert E. reopened the business at 247 Main Street, only to go bankcrupt in 1927. However, his son Albert J. re-opened the business on the 10th August 1934 at 266 Main Street, the same premises where we are today.

As with all businesses Gache Opticians had their ups and downs, but due to our commitment and determination to provide the best service we have become a house hold name within our community.

266 Main Street

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