Housing Department

Government of Gibraltar


The Housing Department's main role is to administer public housing, including: allocation, rent collection, maintenance and repairs. The main office is located at Units 79 & 80 Harbour's Walk, New Harbours and comprises the following counters:

Housing Allocation Counter

Rent Collection Counter

Reporting Office and Counter - For maintenance, cleaning, light bulb and other repair services.

Other services:

1. Building and Works
Building and Works comes under the responsibility of the Ministry for Housing. Its primary role is to provide maintenance and refurbishment for government rented accommodation. The main offices for Buildings and Works are currently located at: 31 Town Range, Gibraltar.
Tel: 76389 Fax 79377. Reports are taken by the reporting office located at the City Hall and these can be made in person at the counters or by telephoning the office (see above opening hours and contact details).Reports for repairs are communicated to Buildings and Works, who will attend to the problem.

2. Cleaning of the housing estates
The Ministry for Housing is currently contracting Master Service (Gib) Ltd for the cleaning of the housing estates. Their address is The Stone Block, Unit 5B, The New Harbours, Gibraltar Any queries concerning the cleaning of the estates can be directed to their hotline: on telephone: 70400 or fax: 75700

3. Technical Division
The Ministry for Housing provides professional services including engineering, quantity surveying and building surveying. Located on the second floor of the City Hall, John Mackintosh Square, their main role is to manage the technical aspects of the ministry's services such as: preparation of tenders, supervision of contractors and attending to building applications within housing estates. For further information please contact telephone numbers 52870 or 49430/49466 or Fax 49432


Housing Allocation Counter
0830 - 1400 Monday to Friday

Rent Collection Counter
0830 - 1400 Monday to Friday

Reporting Office Counter
0830 - 1400 Monday to Friday

Land Property Services General Office:
0800 - 1530 Monday to Thursday
0800 - 1500


Land Registry Counter:
0830 - 1300

Rates Counter:
0830 - 1500 Monday to Thursday
0830 - 1430 Friday

Full Contact Details

79-80 Harbours Walk New Harbours Administration

Principal Housing Officer Line 1

Tel: 20075603

Principal Housing Officer Line 2: 20050137

Finance Manager: 20052096

Email : housing@gibraltar.gov.gi

Reporting Office

Reporting Office Manager: 20042253

Reporting Office Line 1: 20048440

Reporting Office Line 2: 20048441

Fax : 20041375

Email : reports@gibraltar.gov.gi

Reporting Empty Flats (Confidential Service): 20040040

Allocation Unit

Housing Manager: 20075603

Executive Officer: 20045427

Housing Allocation Officer: 20075603

Fax : 20052947

Housing Allocation Committee Secretary: 20050137

Rent Collection Office

Executive Officer: 20040578

Enquiries & Accounts: 20071976

Rent Relief Office: 20074505

Fax : 20048090

Email : rent@gibraltar.gov.gi

Email: arrears@gibraltar.gov.gi



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