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The Helping Hand Marine Research is a Gibraltar based charity which manages and conserves the local environment. Their work focuses on dolphins, but includes a wide range of activities, from terrestrial conservation to policing the Gibraltar Bay Marine Reserve. Eric Shaw (FGS FRGS) heads the research team with the MV Nimo as the marine platform from which the team carry out their research. The work of The Helping Hand is sponsored by the UK and Gibraltar Government, but also relies on fund raising.
Ecotours provide the opportunity to see some of the natural wonders of Gibraltar while ensuring their future by funding vital research projects. Enjoy the hospitality of Bruce?s Farm, take a trip aboard research vessel Nimo for a special insight into the life of the Gibraltar dolphins, or dive in the waters around Gibraltar and its artificial reef, which are rich in marine life and guarantee a unique diving experience. There is a wide diversity of bird life for Ornithologists, while any naturalist will find plenty to explore in the marine and terrestrial Wildlife Reserves. The marine ecology around Gibraltar has suffered badly from over fishing and habitat damage. In an effort to improve the situation, The Helping Hand started building an artificial reef and in 1983 six barges were sunk ranging from 400 to 900 tons. Where there had been only sandy seabed, there was now close to 9548 square metres of new habitat. Success was apparent within a few weeks as the number of species in the area rose from 33 to over 70. The reef continues to grow as new wrecks are added, and the process of researching the new ecosystem grows with it.

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Unit 10 Ragged Staff Wharf Queensway Quay Queensway

Tel: 20073719



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