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About Us

Land Property Services Ltd is the government’s adviser on all matters involving property. The company’s areas of work are concentrated on managing government property, including the valuation, billing and collection of the property tax (commonly known as rates): and the management of the public property register of all transactions involving property in Gibraltar.

In the field of management of government-owned properties, their work incorporates the sale of development rights (e.g. the Development Licence), the sale of ex-MOD residential property, the sale of residential properties to sitting tenants, the management of short, medium and long term commercial and residential leases as well as the management of all government-owned industrial/commercial estates and Grand Casemates Square.

Gibraltar has a land area of approximately 2.25 square miles – 5.8 square kilometres. The land is shared between the military and civil interests in Gibraltar and is, therefore, a scarce resource.

The percentage of undeveloped land is extremely small when one excludes the rocky cliffs and steep sloping land on the upper rock. The government, however, is always keen to explore the re-development of older properties or properties passed on by the Ministry of Defense, with a view to attracting investment and encouraging economic growth. Whenever possible, pockets of previously undeveloped land are also considered.

The team deals with the administration of HMGOG’s commercial property portfolio. It deals with the lease management of these commercial properties which involves, but is not limited to: receiving, managing and monitoring rental payments and implementing administrative and legal requirements associated with leases/tenancies/licences by which the properties are held. The latter will include implementing tenancy renewals and rent reviews; providing information management and reporting for the Landlord; document storage; coordinating any tenant alterations; handling document amendments such as requests for assignments or subleases when necessary; prepare and carry out tenders of vacant properties, and advise HMGOG on general property matters in relation to its commercial properties.

They also manage several HMGOG industrial parks or commercial properties situated around Gibraltar. The properties provide units with a range of uses from workshop or storage units to catering establishments as well as office units. The services provided include but are not limited to: collection and banking of service charge payments; assessing maintenance requirements and providing the necessary works to maintain the properties; providing adequate insurance of the properties; providing caretaking services; managing cleaning and security contracts and liaising with accountants to prepare and submit audited accounts.

The team at the Land Registry administers the Land Titles Register and is tasked with the registration of all deeds and wills which in any way affect or relate to any land situate in Gibraltar. This enables a public record of property transactions to be kept pursuant to the Gibraltar Land Titles Act 2011. Its tasks involve the processing of these documents, the collection and certification of Stamp Duty, and the Registration of these deeds and wills in the Register.

Note: The registration procedure referred to above should not be confused with the Land Registration procedure in the United Kingdom. In Gibraltar, there is only a requirement under the Land Titles Act to register the deed in order to keep a public record of property transactions. As a result, the protection afforded by the priority of periods granted under the Land Registry rules in the UK is not available in Gibraltar.

The Commissioners adjudicate on all transactions involving Real Property in Gibraltar that are liable to Stamp Duty. They oversee the collection of Stamp Duty, the embossing of Deeds and their Certification pursuant to the Stamp Duties Act 2005.

The Rent Assessors are appointed under Section 37 of the Housing Act 2007 and are responsible for the assessment of the rents of controlled dwellings, and related duties under Part 2 of the Housing Act 2007.

Book an appointment with the Office of the Rent Assessor: Schedule online.
They also attend to the keeping of a Register of Business Tenancies as prescribed by Section 39 of the Landlord and Tenant Act.

The role of the Valuation Officer is to ascertain the Net Annual Value of all premises in Gibraltar. This enables the preparation of the Valuation List which has to be completed by 30th April of each year in accordance with the provisions of the Public Health Act.

The Rating Section of LPS is tasked with the preparation and posting of quarterly bills, updating any change of occupancy, ownership or leasing from landlords, the collection of payments and the follow-up of arrears. The team also considers remittal applications and deals with all Rates accounting matters as per the requirements and instructions of the Accountant General.
Opening Hours
General Office
Monday - Friday 09:00 - 13:00 & 14:15-17:30

Cashiers for Rates, Rent & Service Charge Payments
Monday to Friday 09:15 - 12:00 & 14:30 - 16:30

Land Registry
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 12:45

Suite 6B Leanse Place Town Range

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