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PaperOffice is the innovative document management software (DMS) for the paperless office, whether at home or in the company. This takes over the task of managing your documents and files both in paper form and in electronic format. The combination is made possible by the many years of experience in the field of document management development.
First of all, it is about coping with the flood of information. For many companies but also private households there is exactly this problem. Digitization is continuing at a rapid pace, but the interface between digital and analog documents is a segment in many companies that is often treated rather negligently.

In its former form document management was about the administration of digitized documents with an additional tagging for better retrievability. The former effort, however, was significantly higher compared to the normal document storage on a network drive. The reasons for this were very high costs for the necessary IT infrastructure, a specially trained staff and an extraordinary amount of time for additional keywording.
But the use of a document management system paid off only when archived documents had to be found quickly. For example, as a result of a telephone recall regarding one or another document, legal requirements, for example a tax audit. After all, the economic benefits of a document management system have long been very difficult to determine.
The current document management system PaperOffice 2019 sets new standards in document management. Digitization of paper documents, revision-proof e-mail archiving, high-performance text recognition, keyword search - no problem for PaperOffice 2019. Thanks to the innovative SmartSpell OCR text recognition, manual tagging is no longer required, but the document management software can even search the contents of the documents within seconds. The live keyword search delivers all hits in a jiffy. Filter settings limit the displayed search results by date, user, document type, user-defined fields, or keywords.

PaperOffice allows you to record documents in a variety of ways. Existing electronic files are integrated via drag & drop from the file system, by mass import of individual files or by importing the Windows folder structure into PaperOffice. ScanConnect, the standard integrated scanner module, scans scanned paper documents into the system in seconds. These can then be edited, saved, optimized and provided with individual notes.

The OutlookConnect module, in turn, enables fast and intuitive import of e-mails - without any third-party software. Storing e-mails and related attachments in shared folders ensures the greatest possible overview. Audit-proof e-mail archiving meets all requirements of the legislator (GoBD conformity).

PaperOffice places the highest value on safety! Paper Office 2019 is not a cloud solution. All documents are stored locally - with up to 1024bit AES military encryption. So the control always remains with the user.
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