Taourarte Education Charitable Association
Access to education for children in the Rif mountains


About Us

The Taourarte Education Charitable Association exists to provide access to education for children in the village of Taourarte located in the Rif mountains

Funds for this project are raised from members through voluntary monthly subscriptions of £10.
We also accept single contributions from non-members. Should you wish to support this exciting project please message the Admin.

Taourarte is a very small and poor village, more of a hamlet, in the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco. It is remotely located North of the mountain town of Chefchaouen in the direction towards the Mediterranean Sea. The poor soil cannot support agriculture and most people subsist through subsistence farming. The village is isolated, there are no roads, only dangerous mountain trails, and hence is only accessible by Landrover or similar. The approximate travel time to Chefchaouen is three hours. This, together with the lack of roads and winter snowfalls makes commuting to school impossible. The village has no electricity or piped water supply.

The village does have a ‘school’. This consists of a single classroom in which all age groups are mixed for lessons. The classroom has no electricity or any means of heating in winter. The structural condition of the classroom is bad, the concrete room is sagging and leaks. There are no toilets or sanitary facilities.

The school provides for approximately 60 children from the village and catchment area. The school can only provide primary education to age 12. Thereafter the few parents that can find the money or have relatives in the city might send their eldest son to boarding school or to stay with family. However, scarce money is never employed in sending the daughters. Thus girls in the village have to end their education at age 12. We want to end this.

This project has three strands:
Strand 1. To provide funds for girls to attend boarding school in the city.
Strand 2. To repair or rebuilt the existing classroom. To provide a second classroom. Provide a toilet block and provide solar electricity. Also to bring water to the school either by pumping from well or piping from mountain spring.
Strand 3. To build decent accommodation for teachers posted to this village.

In essence, we want to provide a good environment for learning. The Taourarte Education Charitable Association is a registered charity registered with the Gibraltar Charity Commissioners.


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