Together Gibraltar
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About Us

We are a group of people with shared interests and values looking to positively influence Gibraltar's political scene. We aim to bring a fresh, honest approach to politics where the people of Gibraltar will have a greater say over what goes on. We are not interested in mud-slinging and scoring political points- we want the best by Gibraltar and will fight tooth and nail to achieve this. But we cannot do this without consulting you first; we need your input and continual feedback to shape our policies and we will be asking you for your help soon.
We are all people who live by a moral code of doing the right thing in the best way possible. We are passionate about Gibraltar and we aim to represent everyone's needs and interests whatever their ethnic background, whatever their gender, whatever their financial status, whatever their health status, whatever their age, religion or sexual orientation.

Our backgrounds are wide and varied and we have sought to form an Executive representative of all of our society. We work or have experience in the following sectors: Finance and banking; small business; retail; legal; technology (crypto technology, web design, social media, marketing); environment; care sector (young, elderly, mental health and the disabled); civil service; police; essential services; politics. Our experience has been gathered locally and across all points of the globe. The common thread running through our varied experience is a passion for equality and fairness propped up with an honest, hardworking ethic.

We are here to bring a level of passion and integrity to local politics not seen before. We aim to be truly representative of our community's views and will always engage in debate before formulating policy. Under our stewardship, we will restore people's faith in our politicians through long-term, strategic decision making (no more quick fixes for votes) and sustainable policies which will benefit Gibraltar in the short, medium and long term. Finally, we will strive to ensure that politicians are accountable for their actions and will propose suitable legislation that delivers fairness and real transparency so that Gibraltar no longer has to rely on promises and good faith alone.
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