About Us

Vencom was formed in 2006 by Justin and Hazel Durrant after a 'real coffee experience' whilst on a weekend trip up the coast. It was in the early hours of the morning and we were both desperate for a cuppa, with no room service available we had no option but to try the dreaded coffee machine in the reception area of the hotel. Expecting the usual powdery non descript taste with that special lumpy surprise at the bottom of the cup, we were amazed to find the absolute opposite. What we had discovered was a cup of coffee that smelt like fresh coffee and tasted as good as you get from a coffee shop with no nasty surprises at the bottom either.
Our machines are unique in the ability to also make real fresh tea. Anyone who has had a cup of instant tea will know that you cannot replicate fresh English tea without brewing first with real tea leaves. Our double fresh brew machines do exactly that!
Vencoms' first major success came from one of Gibraltar's largest betting companies who's staff demanded a reliable service and were not receiving it. The staff actually signed a petition to get their cranky old instant coffee machine replaced with something decent and this is where Vencom could provide that service. From that starting point we have grown from strength to strength and now offer snack and drinks machines loaded with goodies imported from the U.K.s largest supermarket wholesaler. Not only is our menu 'BIGGER' than Morrison's, we have also had access to some really nostalgic chocolates that you just don't find for sale any more. We also cater for all tastes including the healthy ones!
Contract management is Vencom's speciality and means that we can offer not only our equipment on outright purchase with ongoing maintenance, but also equipment rental and hire purchase or even a charge per cup contract.
Building on our past success Vencom are now expanding our range further, offering combo machines that dispense crisps chocolates and drinks all in one unit. In June we will be launching ice making machines for bars and hotels, as well as feminine hygiene vending machines as part of our portfolio.
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Gibraltar's leading copier and multifunction supplier. Extensive copy centre offerings: printing, scanning, binding, laminating, graphic design services.

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For physical document storage, document management software, and digitisation services use Micro Business Systems.


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