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Gibraltar's ultimate broadband experience using the latest in FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) technology for a reliable connection to u-mee's state-of-the-art network directly into your home or commercial premises. No legacy copper cabling to slow things down and the support of an experienced Internet service provider with a track record of delivering high-bandwidth, high-availability services to Gibraltar's biggest businesses and the Internet capacity to meet customer demands, even during peak periods.
Residential products
u-mee Home
u-mee Home
u-mee Plus
Wi-Fi included with u-mee Home and Plus. Wi-fi technology is constantly changing and performance is subject to issues beyond u-mee's control, including the capabilities of your own devices and environmental factors such as walls, your neighbours' Wi-fi equipment, etc. Our broadband speeds already exceed the 802.11n Wi-fi capabilities of the supplied router. You may be able to achieve faster wireless performance by adding your own 802.11ac router or access point, available from electronics suppliers (visit u-mee.com/onlinehelp for more information on how to set up) - various levels of performance are available at different price points.
Business product
u-mee Business
Wi-Fi not included with u-mee Business, as businesses have wider-ranging requirements regarding performance, number of users, etc. Consequently, a standard Wi-Fi solution would not be suited to such needs and would have to be arranged internally, according to the specifics of each company.
Our installation partner will assess your existing infrastructure (e.g. telephone and/or Ethernet cabling) during your pre-installation visit - this is your opportunity to address any issues in order to get the best from your u-mee Business solution e.g. if you wish to add extra telephone points or plan to install Wi-Fi with multiple access points. You may instruct our partner (at your own cost) or make your own arrangements in this regard - all preparatory cabling needs to be completed prior to your u-mee Business fibre installation visit.
New business? You need a website.

Whether you´re looking for a simple brochure or a full-featured application, our Digital Service Agency offers a solution. Visit their website to read more! 

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Image Graphics

Gibraltar's leading copier and multifunction supplier. Extensive copy centre offerings: printing, scanning, binding, laminating, graphic design services.

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Micro Business Systems

For physical document storage, document management software, and digitisation services use Micro Business Systems.

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An ezine is a newsletter distributed electronically. Find out how easy it is to get your message out to thousands of people with the assistance of our emails.

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