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Gibtelecom is the leading telecommunications provider to Gibraltar's home and business users, providing products and services matching those offered by leading telecommunications companies throughout the world. The Company's experienced and dedicated staff guarantee that customers receive a professional and customised service. Gibtelecom is structured around three brands: GibWireline, Gibtel and GibConnect.

GIBWIRELINE encompasses the fixed line telephony services for the Rock's inhabitants. With almost 90 fixed lines per 100 population, services compare favourably with other countries and territories.

GIBTEL provides both Contract and Pay-As-You-Go (Reload) mobile phone and data services, with a per capita penetration of over 100%. The Company’s GSM, 2G and 3G networks offer full coverage of the Rock, and roaming agreements are in place with some 450 operators in over 140 countries.

GIBCONNECT offers a variety of internet solutions, from individual lines and wi-fi access to business corporate links. Nearly 70% of households in Gibraltar have an ADSL connection. Gibtelecom also offers dedicated premium internet protocol (IP) bandwidth to businesses on demand, and can host their computer servers at one of the Company's data centres.

Customer Service Centre
09.00 - 18.00 Monday - Friday
10.00 - 13.00 Saturday

Gibtelecom is owned by HM Government of Gibraltar, who nominates four Directors. The current Board comprises:
The Hon Fabian Picardo MP - Gibtelecom Chairman
Tim Bristow - Gibtelecom CEO
The Hon Joe Bossano - MP
Dilip Dayaram Tirathdas
Albert Mena

The Executive Committee comprises the Chief Executive Officer (also a Board Director) and Operational Directors
- Chief Executive Officer - Tim Bristow
- Chief Operations Officer - Adrian Moreno
- Technology Director - Jansen Reyes
- Customer Operations Director - Peter Borge
- Global Business Director - Rab Paramothayan

They are supported by Associate Directors:
- Head of Marketing and Business Development - Adrian Ochello
- Head of Information Systems - George Gaskin
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15-21 John Mackintosh Square

General Enquiries

Tel: 20052200

15-21 John Mackintosh Square

Fax: 20044444

Fax : 20071673


General Enquiries: 20052200

Fault Reports & Service Difficulties

Fixed : 193

Mobile: 194

Internet: 192

Directory Enquiries

Local Directory Enquiries: 11811

International Directory Enquiries: 11888

Recorded Announcements

Speaking Clock: 150


Residential Listings: 20052200

Residential Listings Fax: 20044444

Business Listings & Classified Advertising: 20041414

The Company was established, after the merger between Gibraltar Nynex Communications Ltd (a Verizon communications business) and Gibraltar Telecommunications International Ltd (a British Telecom business), and has greatly contributed to the expansion and advancement of communications in Gibraltar. In April 2007, Telekom Slovenije purchased Verizon’s 50 per cent shareholding in the Company, whilst the other half continues to be owned by the Government of Gibraltar. Telekom Slovenije is quoted on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange in Slovenia, an EU member state in the Euro Zone. The Telekom Slovenije Group and its subsidiary companies provide fixed line, mobile and internet services throughout Slovenia and in other countries mainly in South Eastern Europe.

Gibtelecom is structured into Directorates, each headed by an Operational Director reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. The Directorates covers a number of functional areas headed by their respective Managers.

Buildings and Stores
Manager - Charles Davidson. Responsible for the Company's various buildings and physical assets together with all aspects of purchasing and stock management, archiving of company documents and ensuring that the company and its employees adhere to health and safety policies.

Broadband Networks
Principal Engineer - William Jackson. Responsible for co-ordinating and leading the Company's move into converging technologies (fixed voice, mobile and internet) and maintaining broadband services.

Corporate and Legal
Manager - Dwayne Lara. Responsible, amongst other things, for corporate governance, internal and external communications, quality management, Board and Executive Committee support and secretarial and messenger services. Also responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory legislation and liaising with the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA).

Customer Services
Manager - Eric Rowbottom. Provides a single point of contact for all customer requirements in the John Mackintosh Square shop. Its main objective is to respond quickly, effectively and professionally to any customer requests, providing a service which is comparable to other world class companies.

External Plant
Manager - Clive Lopez. The main responsibility of this department is the company's fixed network infrastructure, be this both fibre or copper, together with installing and maintaining customers' telecommunications equipment.

Manager - Caroline Robba. Responsible for all receipts and payments, payroll, pensions, financial accounting, budgeting and reporting.

Human Resources
Senior HR Advisor - Mark Chichon. Assists the company in building an environment where high calibre people produce quality work, adding value to all people related business decisions. Their main functions include recruitment, remuneration policy, training and development and health and welfare.

Information Technology
Responsibility - George Gaskin. Takes care of Gibtelecom's extensive computer equipment, both at a hardware and software level, to support the company's many automated functions. The Company runs a computerised Integrated Customer Management System [ICMS] which covers all telecommunications service orders, fault reports, customer billing and an infrastructure database.

Enterprise Services and Data Centres
Manager - Danny Hook. Their main role is to provide internet services, focusing on high availability circuits and dedicated data centre facilities for major gaming and financial service companies that are based in Gibraltar, serving their worldwide customer base.

Marketing and Business Development
Responsibility - Adrian Ochello. Responsible, amongst other things, for product management and branding, sales and pricing strategies, promotions, sponsorship and business development, both locally and internationally.

Mobile Radio
Principal Engineer - Martin Candeas. Responsible for the 2G, 3G, 4G+, Tetra and other radio networks throughout Gibraltar

Network Operations Centre
Manager - John Pressey. Runs 24 hours a day, every day of the year, providing a call centre for Gibtelecom and technical monitoring services around the clock for Gibtelecom's extensive networks.

Technical Facilities
Manager - Stephen Perera. Responsible for planning the maintenance and expansion of the fixed line network, whether enhancing existing infrastructure or expanding it to reach new developments, as well as maintaining all technical remote offices.

Transport and Enterprise Networks
Principal Engineer - Dwayne Etherington. Responsible for the company's diverse international routes and high availability enterprise links.

Voice services
Manager - Louis Posso. Operate and maintain the GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G+ switches and responsibility for the maintenance, development and configuration of the company's digital System X switch, serving all fixed line customers.
GibFibreSpeed’s mission is to revolutionise Gibraltar’s broadband offering by providing Fibre To The Home to all homes and businesses at competitive prices

Unit 5 Buttercup House Waterport Terraces
North Mole Road

As a leading communications provider it's not just the technology that interests us - what matters is how it can improve the lives and prospects of everyone. We believe in fibre optics, it makes good things happen for people, communities and businesses. We will do everything we can to ensure technology is a force for good. This is why we’re committed to providing the best guidance, support and services.
The broadband industry is changing and it's all down to the use of fibre optic cables, the fastest and most reliable way for us to bring broadband to your home. GibFibreSpeed is the newest Internet Service Provider in Gibraltar trading under A.J. Sheriff Electrical Ltd. We have been operating in the digital market for over 10 years and have always been determined to offer a high quality service at a competitive price. We are now proud to announce the offering of latest & most advanced broadband technology - Fibre To The Home (FTTH). We are introducing new fibre optics technology using our own independent all-fibre network infrastructure, we do not rent any lines off any other operators and we are therefore able to provide broadband services at rock bottom prices.

GibFibreSpeed is an offshoot of the Sheriff group of companies based in Gibraltar which began over 80 years ago in 1927. Our experience in the industry is extremely extensive and our knowledge of the market is ever-growing. As a well established and reliable business, we are trusted in the local market. Our latest venture reflects our ethos to continually enhance our customers experience by using the latest technologies and the most advanced equipment available in the industry.

GibFibreSpeed’s mission is to revolutionise Gibraltar’s broadband offering by providing Fibre To The Home to all homes and businesses at competitive prices.

To become the leading communications provider in Gibraltar and an international gateway for global organisations to enter our unique strategic location & economy.

The Fibre To The Home Council Europe only promote the broadband technologies FTTH because they believe that only this solution offers the bandwidth and symmetry necessary to allow the development of services and applications that make a difference to the way we live and work*.
Monday to Friday 09:00hrs – 17:00hrs
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Unit 5 Buttercup House Waterport Terraces North Mole Road

Tel: 20065154

If Busy Call: 20065155

Sapphire Networks

Suite 303 Eurotowers Block 3 Europort Road
PO Box 797

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Suite 303 Eurotowers Block 3 Europort Road PO Box 797

Tel: 20047200

Fax : 20047272

u-mee Made in Gibraltar

Suite 303 Eurotowers Block 3 Europort Road
PO Box 797

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Suite 303 Eurotowers Block 3 Europort Road PO Box 797

Tel: 22220000

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