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Gibraltars Pest Prevention Experts - UK Trained & Qualified

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Sanicare honours competitive rates. For an exact quote to suit your pest or sanitary requirements, please call us.

Insanitary or pest-affected areas can be harmful to health. Therefore, we take our responsibility for the safe disposal of pests and waste extremely seriously.
Your Sanicare representative is available 24/7. Please feel free to call with an emergency situation.
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Coplaga Gibraltar Pest Control
Gibraltars Premier Pest Control Company Celebrating 27 years

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Coplaga Gibraltar Pest Control is located in Gibraltar. A Gibraltar registered company working closely with the Environmental Health.
Urban Plagues, we strive to control any animal that affects us.
Our activities include disinfection and disinfection of a sanitary nature (aimed at combating organisms that are harmful to health) and, on the other hand, those aimed at combating pests affecting property, furniture and food, generally in the urban environment (pests "Urban").
Our Spotlights.
The target populations are insects and other arthropods, rodents and certain birds, with direct or indirect impact on human health or on buildings, facilities, furnishings, fabrics and other materials, and food stored or ready for consumption.
Control of "urban" pests includes control of termites, ants and other wood insects. The fight against forest or cattle pests that also affect public health includes, among others, the control of pine processionaria, or fleas and ticks.
Control and Prevention.
Disinfection eliminates pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoa or fungi) that cause disease in humans. Treatments to prevent the occurrence of diseases transmitted by bacteria of environmental origin (Legionella) are aimed at preventing and controlling Legionellosis by adopting hygienic-sanitary measures in facilities where Legionella is able to proliferate and spread.
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PO Box 1463

Tel: 58636000

Mobile - J Victor: 54021881

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