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Freddie Trinidad
Chartered Educational and Child Psychologist

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Chartered Educational and Child Psychologist specialising in: ADHD • Anxiety • Autism • Behavioural Issues • Dyslexia & Dyspraxia • Emotional Difficulties • Gifted Children • IQ Stress Management • Conflict Resolution and Staff Training

Freddie Trinidad is former Principal Educational Psychologist to the Government of Gibraltar. He started teaching in 1970, qualified with distinction at Trinity and All Saints Colleges, and obtained an Honours Degree in Education from the University of Leeds. He subsequently studied Teaching English as a Foreign Language at La Sorbonne in Paris and started his postgraduate studies at the University of Bordeaux. In 1984 he obtained a Masters Degree in Educational and Child Psychology from the University of Nottingham where he spent two years working and studying under Professor Newson in the Child Development Research Unit.

He was the first Gibraltarian to qualify as an Educational Psychologist. His reputation and extensive experience as an educator, and indeed his 24 years working as a specialist psychologist with children, have earned him a reputation for attention to detail and sound clinical judgement. He has been directly involved in community issues such as the development of nursery provision, Child Protection, Adoption and Fostering, and preventing Domestic Abuse. He has also chaired the Assessment Panel, leading multi-agency teamwork and provision mapping for children with Special Needs.

As well as being fully qualified and licensed by the Health & Care Professional Council of the Association of Educational Psychologists and other professional networks (like EPNET and PEPS) Freddie is a Member of the Institute of Linguists (M.I.L.), a Chartered Educational and Child Psychologist (C. Psychol) an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (A.F.B.Ps S.) and a member of its Division of Educational and Child Psychology.

Research interests centre around the longitudinal educational screening study of all Gibraltarian children over the period 1985-2007. This includes readiness for school, early years development, reading and spelling standards, specific learning difficulties, ADHD and Gifted Pupils. He has collaborated with Professor Sawchuk from Toronto University on numerous projects relating to the effects of breastfeeding and smoking on the cognitive development of children. He has been a tutor on the Birmingham University courses on 'Autism' , and has tutored also for Sheffield Hallam University courses on Special Educational Needs. A keen presenter and excellent communicator, Freddie Trinidad has run numerous In-Service Training courses on a very wide variety of areas.
Partners and Associates

Professor Irvine Gersch - PEP & Dispute Resolution
Ruth Eaton - Specialist Educational Psychologist, Sayalonga
Janine Gaduzo - Paediatric Occupational Therapist
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Tel: 20046767

If Busy Call: 20073369


The ultimate goal is to enhance a child's learning, whatever his or her ability level. The aim is therefore to pursue increased efficiency in learning, to overcome learning barriers, to achieve higher standards, and of course to promote healthy emotional development through the application of psychology.

What are the broad areas covered?
• Child psychologists provide a wide array of services to parents, teachers, assistants, and other professionals who work with children.
• The psychologist assesses the educational needs of children and advises on how best those needs should be met. This can mean advising teachers and other school staff on how to support the educational needs of an individual or advising a school or service provider on how best to prioritise the needs of a child or particular groups of children. In other words, interventions range from working with the individual child to work at the level of the organisation or whole school system.
• Educational psychology is geared principally to apply well researched strategies to support for children and young people who may be undergoing learning difficulties, behavioural difficulties or emotional problems.
• Educational psychologists can work directly with individual children and with groups of children.
• Direct support work is usually carried out in partnership with other practitioners, including teachers, assistants, therapists and indeed with parents.
• Educational Psychology is also useful training for teachers and other school staff, parent groups and therapists on a wide range of issues. These include effective behaviour management techniques, organising courses or workshops for teachers on issues such as bullying, ADHD, stress management or specific learning difficulties; and helping schools draw up SEN or behaviour policies.
• In practice, a good deal of the work of the educational psychologist is is about helping others to understand children's difficulties more thoroughly so that they can provide more effective teaching, support and care.
• Counselling adults and parents is an integral part of service delivery.

The range of activities of the service, then, are varied but will generally include:

• Focusing on early problem identification and early intervention
• Undertaking therapeutic work with children and young people and their parents or carers
• Assisting schools with the development of SEN policies so that the performance of the whole school is enhanced
• Assisting education departments and authorities with their own education development planning so that performance is enhanced across groups of schools
• Engaging in action research to promote increased teacher knowledge of good practice in the areas of applied psychology, inclusion and raised achievement
• Engaging in projects to raise achievement and improve provision for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties
• Helping to develop knowledge and skills for teachers, learning support assistants and professions allied to education
• Working in multi agency contexts with health, social services, voluntary services and other agencies

Supporting children directly in:
1. assessing cognitive strengths and weaknesses
2. measuring IQ and EQ
3. literacy development
4. numeracy
5. thinking skills
6. self-esteem enhancement
7. management of trauma following child abuse
8. planning personalised education plans (PEPs)
9. prioritising and setting learning targets

• Initial consultations of 1/2 hour are charged at £45 This is based on a notional hourly rate of £ 85
• Full Cognitive Assessment: learner profile, IQ, relative strengths and weaknesses, non-verbal ability, literacy ratings, with recommendations for an individual educational plan and advice on management. Exploration of a possible specific learning difficulty (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia). 2-3 hours direct assessment of child, initial meeting with parents, detailed 20 page report, and feedback meeting with parents. (Fee based on 7-9 hours work with initial consultation): £400
• Full Literacy Profile using standardised tests: analysis of writing speed, word recognition, spelling and reading comprehension; exploration of underlying perceptual strengths and weaknesses. (Fee based on 3+ hours) £200
• Report only to Examination Boards regarding entitlement to Special Access arrangements regarding Public Examinations: £ 100
• Court attendance (full day) £ 800
• Emotional Literacy Profile £ 100
• Exploration of ADD or ADHD: assessment of concentration and full Conners Profile, scored and reported for medical analysis £160
• Continued Professional Development: price per delegate based on hourly rate of £15 per delegate per hour £15
Aylen Vielma (Clinical Psychologist)

Central Clinic Unit 1A
Centre Plaza Horse Barrack Lane

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