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GibCargo Ltd
Taking Care of Business

Unit 3 North Mole Industrial Park
14 North Mole Road


GibCargo Ltd was founded in 2001 by Thomas Howard to provide an alternative solution to freight forwarding services to Gibraltar based companies. GibCargo Ltd is a one stop shop for all logistical needs in Gibraltar offering a weekly overland groupage truck service from the UK to Gibraltar with our receiving depot based in London. GibCargo also offers a weekly groupage truck service from Europe to Gibraltar for chilled, frozen and dry loads from such places as Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and France, not to mention that we also arrange all customs clearance formalities for both the Spanish and Gibraltar Customs.

Since our first year of trading GibCargo Ltd has enhanced and advanced over the years attracting new clients year upon year. Since 2001 when operating out of a shared office and contracting out most of the work GibCargo now has it’s own warehouse both in Gibraltar and La Línea, Spain with our own fleet of vehicle taking care of all our clients needs.
In January 2005 GibCargo became an international company when it opened a branch in Spain to further develop its portfolio of services it offers to its clients. GibCargo España S.L. is situated in the boarding town with Gibraltar, La Línea de la Concepción and has its own warehouse and office and is able to handle all requirements in the same way as its head office in Gibraltar does.
GibCargo also offers a twice weekly consolidated airfreight service from London Gatwick or Heathrow Airports, delivered door to door to Gibraltar. GibCargo can arrange collections around the UK for its airfreight service and likewise for its overland groupage truck service. As agents for AMI, which is one of the worlds leading airfreight forwarding services with over 200 offices and agents worldwide GibCargo is able to collect and deliver consignments worldwide. As we are not tied down to any international courier company we are able to pick and choose the best solution for each consignment as not every consignment is alike.
GibCargo operates 2 warehouses one situated in the North Mole Industrial Park within the Port of Gibraltar area and the other in the neighbouring/bordering town to Gibraltar, La Línea de la Concepción.
GibCargo warehouse offers 11428 cubic feet of storage space for all logistical requirements from packing and wrapping to storage, handling and distribution. Likewise these services are offered from their Spanish branch (GibCargo España S.L.).

GibCargo España S.L. was founded in 2005 with the office and warehouse situated in the Polígono Industrial Zabal Bajo with a 14285 cubic feet warehouses providing a total logistic package, from a receiving centre for goods being shipped to Gibraltar to warehousing and distribution centre, short and long term storage. GibCargo operates a daily groupage truck service and direct truck service from Spain to Gibraltar taking care of all customs formalities for both the Spanish and Gibraltar customs.
GibCargo handles all types of customs clearance formalities both in Gibraltar and Spanish Customs from temporary imports and exports. GibCargo can assist and advise on any query you may have with clearance of goods with customs.
GibCargo has a prepayment account with the Gibraltar customs which makes the clearance of goods much easier and quicker for both the customer and customs. GibCargo taking care of business.

Gibraltar customs clearance
Spanish customs clearance
Temporary imports & exports
Customs prepayment account
Clerk on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Twice weekly console service from UK delivered door Gibraltar
Worldwide delivery and collection (door to door)
Tracking service

North Mole Industrial Park, Gibraltar. (320m3)
Polígono Industrial Zabal Bajo, La Linea, Spain. (400m3)
Handling & Distribution
Clerk on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year
Long/short term storage

Weekly groupage truck service from UK to Gibraltar
Weekly European truck service for frozen, chilled and dry loads to Gibraltar
Daily groupage truck service from the La Linea & Campo area to Gibraltar
Sea Freight service worldwide / Far East to Gibraltar

33 Cubic metre frozen storage facility – Gibraltar

Clerk on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year
Full Contact Details

Transport Contractor/Freight Forwarding

Unit 3 North Mole Industrial Park 14 North Mole Road

Tel: 20072277

Fax: 20070721

Customs Clearance Dept

Unit 7 Customs Entry Processing British Lines Road: 20077232

Recycling Service

Unit 3 North Mole Industrial Park 14 North Mole Road: 20068104

Spanish Groupage/Warehousing Spain & Gibraltar

Unit 3 North Mole Industrial Park 14 North Mole Road: 20070787
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