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Gib Sams
You Got A Friend

To speak to a friend (Freephone)


A confidential helpline offering a listening service to anyone experiencing distress, despair or suicidal feelings. It's important for people to have the opportunity to explore difficult feelings. Being listened to in confidence, and being accepted without prejudice, without being judged, can alleviate general distress, despair and suicidal feelings.

Often being listened to is enough to help someone through a time of distress. Even just showing that you are there for them, and that you know they are going through a distressing time, can in itself be a comfort. For people who are lonely, despairing and possibly even considering suicide, the helpline is often the last hope – a place where they can talk in complete confidence about their deepest fears and darkest secrets. Suffering from an emotional crisis not only affects the person concerned, it can have a ripple effect on the families who are then also in need of emotional support.

GibSams volunteers are trained to listen; you can talk to them anytime you like, in your own way, and off the record – about whatever’s getting to you. You do not have to give your name, neither does the listener, your call is anonymous and completely confidential and it cannot be traced back to you.

Anyone wishing to volunteer their services to this worthy cause please contact: Marielou Guerrero, Chairman, Gibraltar Samaritans,, Mobile: 57705000

24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week
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To speak to a friend (Freephone)

Tel: 116123

Administrators: 20066222

Gibraltar Heritage Trust
Open the doors to your past!

The Main Guard 13 John Mackintosh Square
PO Box 683 (Tel/Fax)


The Gibraltar Heritage Trust is a non-profit charity established by statute on 1 May 1989 to preserve and promote the cultural natural heritage of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.
The Trust collaborates with the Government of Gibraltar and with private organisations and individuals to preserve and promote Gibraltar's heritage for cultural, educational and tourism purposes. The Trust is funded through fees from exhibitions, a portion of ticket sales for access to listed properties managed by the Gibraltar Tourist Board and from donations. Although the Gibraltar Museum is owned and operated by the government, the Trust has an advisory role and assists in expanding the collection.
The Trust maintains a list of historically important buildings and structures, and gives advice on their preservation and restoration. With Gibraltar's long history as a garrison town and naval base, most of the listed structures are military, including defensive walls, bastions and batteries. However, the Trust also covers natural attractions and civilian structures such as caves and churches.
Some of the tourist sites for which the Trust coordinates conservation and development lie on the high slopes of The Rock in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. These include O'Hara's Battery, the 100 ton gun at Napier of Magdala Battery, the Military Heritage Centre at Princess Caroline's Battery and the Parson's Lodge Battery. In the late 1990s the trust arranged for the restoration of Parson's Lodge Battery, which in 1884 had three 10 inches (250 mm) muzzled loading rifled guns. The Trust operates the coastal fort, which is open to the public, with examples of artillery from different periods.

Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 14:00
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The Main Guard 13 John Mackintosh Square PO Box 683 (Tel/Fax)

Tel: 20042844

Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group
The GDSG is here to help support people living with dyslexia

72 Prince Edward's Road PO Box 1359


The objectives of the Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group (GDSG) are to see Gibraltar as a dyslexia friendly society that will enable all dyslexic people to reach there full potential. We also hope to represent the needs of dyslexic people on leaving school, in higher education and in the workplace so that they can achieve academically and socially.

How to recognise it, deal with it and diagnose it. We also want to support those families who have family members who are dyslexic, irrespective of age, gender, and religious belief and sexual preference.

We hope:

To create Public Awareness:
- By providing a platform for visiting specialists – lecturers.
- Through Discussion Groups
- Through the Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group’s library
- To offer information, guidance, help and advice through the media

To provide diagnosis
- Through organising provision of assessments of individual children/ - adults for individuals requiring such.

Educational Programmes:
- Organise the provision of dyslexic educational programmes by specialists for individuals requiring the like.
- Formation of Group to lobby with the Gibraltar Department of Education/ Government School system i.e. to raise awareness to the issue of dyslexia and promote equality of opportunity in education for ALL children
- To encourage education, health and social services to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in making provision for children with special needs.

Any member of the public can gain membership, who is interested in the objectives of the Group and who applies to become a member. The decision of the Committee upon any such application shall be final.

Stuart Byrne

Full Contact Details

Help and support for people living with Dyslexia

72 Prince Edward's Road PO Box 1359

Tel: 20078509

Mobile : 54007924

We have a number of different resources for our members at the John Macintosh Hall Library. Please ask at the decks for the Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group library when entering JMH Library.

Here is a list of book that are on offer:

- Mind Maps for Kids: An Introduction (Mind Maps for Kids) by Tony Buzan; Paperback;

- Mind Maps at Work: How to Be the Best at Work and Still Have Time to Play by Tony Buzan; Paperback;

- Rev Up for Revision (Mind Maps for Kids) by Tony Buzan; Paperback;

- Mind Maps for Kids: An Introdu

- Mind Maps for Kids: An Introduction (Mind Maps for Kids) by Tony Buzan; Paperback;

- Mind Maps at Work: How to Be the Best at Work and Still Have Time to Play by Tony Buzan; Paperback;

- Rev Up for Revision (Mind Maps for Kids) by Tony Buzan; Paperback;

- Mind Maps for Kids: Max Your Memory and Concentration by Tony Buzan; Paperback;

- The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps by Tony Buzan; Paperback;

- Dyslexia: A Teenager’s Guide by Sylvia Moody; Paperback;

- Dyslexia: How to Survive and Succeed at Work by Sylvia Moody; Paperback;

- Mind Maps in a Week (In a Week) by Tony Buzan; Paperback;

- Reading by the Colors: Overcoming Dyslexia and Other Reading Disabilities Through the Irlen Method by Helen Irlen; Paperback;

- Dyslexia: Surviving and Succeeding at College by Sylvia Moody; Paperback;

- How to Detect and Manage Dyslexia: A Reference and Resource Manual by Philomena Ott; Paperback

- Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level by Sally E. Shaywitz; Paperback;

- Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adolescence by Edward M. Hallowell; Paperback;

- You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!: The Classic Self-help Book for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder by Kate Kelly; Paperback;

- ADD in the Workplace: Choices, Changes and Challenges by Kathleen G. Nadeau; Paperback;

- A.D.D. and Creativity: Tapping Your Inner Muse by Lynn Weiss; Paperback;

- Living with ADD: Workbook for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (New Harbinger Workbooks) by M. Susan Roberts; Paperback;

- New Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults Workbook, The by Lynn Weiss; Paperback;

- The Adult Dyslexic: Interventions and Outcomes by David McLoughlin; Paperback;

- Dyslexia in the Workplace (Dyslexia Series (Whurr)) by Diana Bartlett; Paperback;

- What Does Everybody Else Know That I Don’t? by Michele Novotni; Paperback;

- Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy: The Special Education Survival Guide by Peter W. D. Wright; Paperback;

- A Dr. Spot Casebook: Brian Has Dyslexia (Dr. Spot’s Casebook) by Jenny Leigh; Paperback;

- Manage Your Dyslexia: Organise Your Thinking and Learning (Lynda Hudson’s Unlock Your Life Audio CDs for Children): Organise Your Thinking and Learning … Unlock Your Life Audio CDs for Children) by Lynda Hudson; Unknown Binding;ction (Mind Maps for Kids) by Tony Buzan; Paperback;
Action4schools-Sierra Leone
Building a Future One School at a Time

For Enquiries


We are always looking for supporters to get involved and do some “action4schools”!
There are so many different ways of fundraising, please contact or call us on 57631000 if you would like to organize a fundraiser for our school projects, we will be pleased to support you and will GET INVOLVED if YOU GET INVOLVED!
We need volunteers to assist with fundraising activities, no action = no progress. Thank you for getting involved and volunteering. Volunteers are needed to sell raffle tickets, help with the running and organisation of events etc.etera… your efforts are welcome and will always make a difference.
We are keen to work together with schools, clubs and associations who may be keen to offer volunteers for our events or establish closer links in terms of fundraising. We are also keen in particular to raise awareness throughout the schools and encourage both the staff and pupils of local schools to participate actively in our fundraising activities or do their own fundraisers to raise funds for our school projects.
We love the phrase “students4students” and are pleased to see that pupils have got involved to raise funds. Middle school pupils, GCSE students, A Level students and even University students have raised significant amounts through various means such as cake stalls, chocolate stalls, parties and events.
If you are a member of a club or association and wish to organize a fundraiser do please contact us and we will be more than happy to support you and GET INVOLVED if YOU GET INVOLVED!
“Action turns hope into reality“, be part of the team which brings positive change, GET INVOLVED, you will make a difference 100% guaranteed!!

The charity is a 100% volunteer organization and 100% of the funds raised go the projects.
The following are the founding trustees:

Jimmy Bruzon (Chairman)
John Gill (Treasurer)
Lloyd Devincenzi (Secretary)
Nadine Pardo-Zammit (Trustee)
Paul Costa (Trustee)
Full Contact Details

For Enquiries

Tel: 57631000

ChildLine Gibraltar
Ending Cruelty to Children in Gibraltar - 8008 Helpline open daily from 5pm-9pm

Childline Gibraltar's core values are based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:

Children must be protected from all forms of violence and exploitation.

Everyone has a responsibility to support the care and protection of children.

We listen to children and young people, respect their views and respond to them directly.

Children should be encouraged and enabled to fulfill their potential.

We challenge inequalities for children and young people.

5pm to 9pm Daily
Full Contact Details

Open from 5pm to 9pm Daily
Live chat accessible via our website


Tel: 8008

Administration: 20043503

Charities Commission

c/o No 6 Convent Place

Full Contact Details

c/o No 6 Convent Place

Tel: 20070071

Gibraltar Alzheimer's & Dementia Society

PO Box 90202

Full Contact Details

PO Box 90202

Tel: 56001422

Research Into Childhood Cancer (RICC)

Full Contact Details

Craig Sacarello

Tel: 58009625

Second Line: 20078723

St John Ambulance

Full Contact Details

47 North Mole Road

Tel: 20077390

If Busy Call: 20050026

Canvas Inspirations

45 Sea-Wave Mid-Harbours Estate

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